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Many people have helped the Club (est 2003) in different ways and we thank them for all their efforts, the three organizations that allowed us to take big steps in development are Leader 2003 (Belmullet), MFG 2004 (Achill) and Shell 2007. These three gave considerable grants to aid our development and they are welcome to spend a day with us anytime and judge for themselves how the grants were spent, did they get value for money and was the project of value to the community at large.

We are also indebted to local groups like Corr Acla and the many people and Contractors that gave their time freely to help on some job.
Last year (2009) we met with Genevieve Grealis at Corr Acla, at a time when there was great interest in our junior sailing but we hadn’t the funding to maintain the boats. Despite constant gales and rain, the Summer camp had been a success for participation but very costly financially due to the damage caused to boats and sails.

After paying our insurance premium, we were broke. Following a discussion about what the Boat Club does, Genevieve made an application for Funding to the Mayo Sports Partnership and got us a lifeline of €500.

This was the injection required to get us back fundraising, it would have been a disaster to let everything fall down after coming so far. Money was raised by members (raffles, guess the pebbles in the bottle) to repair sails and replace Tent Poles from the Sea Scout Tents and applications made to Shell, The Bellacorick Fund and the Mayo Sports Partnership for equipment to help towards Training.

We have been successful in all grant applications as follows:

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You can be assured of a professional service from Tom & Mary, even if you know nothing about boats, they will be patient and listen to your rambling before advising on what best to do, maybe take up dog walking. Clew Bay Boats can be relied upon to service your engine at a reasonable cost. They are also very competitive on other products, so don’t automatically opt for the internet, check with Tom or Mary first, they may be able to do a better deal for you especially if they service your engine anyway. this is my own opinion but one shared by many. Seamus Butler.

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Seatec is the training center at the heart of the Bellacragher Bay Boat Club, Noel Conlon is the center principal and has carried out or delegated all the VHF, Day Skipper and powerboat training that has taken place to this date.

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