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National Powerboat License Ireland

Quick Details

Person 16+ years old

Prepare to get your boating license in Ireland!

The aim of this course is to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and effectively skipper an open powerboat by day on inland and coastal waters with which you are familiar.

Previous knowledge/experience: It is assumed that you hold the ISA Powerboat Crews Certificate or equivalent experience.

If you already hold the ISA Powerboat Crews Certificate or equivalent, the minimum contact time for the course is 14 hours. Where this is not the case, the minimum requirement is 21 hours of contact training time. In either case, the length of the course may be extended where it suits participants to take a more relaxed approach to the program.

By the end of this course, you are able to do the following:

  • Prepare boat for use
  • Select what clothing and footwear to wear while afloat
  • Identify the main factors to consider when launching and recovering a boat
  • Basic boat handling
  • Planning and maneuvering while on the plane
  • Leaving and coming alongside
  • Securing to a mooring buoy