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Advanced Powerboat Course

Quick Details

Person 16+ years old

Develop your powerboat skills by day and night in Ireland!

The aim of this course is to develop boat handling, seamanship, pilotage, and navigation skills up to the standards required to drive a planing powerboat safely by day in all coastal waters and by night in coastal waters with which you are familiar.

Previous knowledge/experience: You must hold the ISA National Powerboat Certificate or an equivalent certificate. It is strongly recommended that at least one member of a safety boat’s crew should hold a first-aid certificate and the Short Range (SRC) VHF radio operator’s certificate.

The Advanced Powerboat Course should ordinarily consist of a minimum of 25 hours of contact time. This includes a pilotage exercise conducted at night. The minimum course contact time may be reduced to 17 hours where a candidate already holds the course completion certificate from the Coastal Navigation for Small Boats Course or equivalent. The length of the course may be extended where it suits participants to take a more relaxed approach to the program.

By the end of this course, you are able to do the following:

  • Preparation of boat for use
  • Basic boat handling
  • Navigation
  • Passage planning and making
  • Coastal knowledge
  • Application of ‘rules of the road’