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Claggan Ferry Tour & Rental

Quick Details

Claggan Ferry Service
Up to 4 people
Up to 5 people
6 people or larger Will be split up in two groups
Group Tour / Daily Hire Includes boat & crew
Up to 5 people
Up to 10 people

Explore and discover the history of the Claggan Ferry from Ballycroy

The narrow mouth of the fjord that separates Tonragee (Achill) from Claggan (Ballycroy) is known as “the Ferry” because a paid service using small boats operated to carry people in both directions across the challenging waters for centuries, thereby enabling people to cut as much as 10 miles off their journey.

One outcome was close family connections developing between people on both sides. The recent restoration of the Claggan Ferry Service provides a convenient means of access to the Greenway and Achill from the Ballycroy side.

Users of the Greenway and others on the Achill side now have new access to the Ballycroy National Park, The Solar System Walk, or just to continue their journey along the Wild Atlantic Way.

There is also the option of hiring the boat and crew to explore Bellacragher Bay, learn its history, experience the wildlife, the birds, the seals, visit the islands, go snorkeling, fishing, have a BBQ on an island, camp overnight, or plan your own adventure with the help of an experienced skipper. In the case of overnight camping, we can arrange to pick you up whenever you want; contact us.


Download the map here.